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The Coffee Triangle

Colombian Coffee in the Coffee Triangle

The Coffee Triangle is situated in the Paisa Region and a great place to spend some wonderful vacations. Colombian coffee is considered as one of the best in the world. Because of the temperatures and good soil, most of Colombian‘s coffee is being produced in this area. Situated in the departments of Caldas, Quindío and Risaralda, the Coffee Triangle is part of the Andean Region and surrounded by mountains. The stunning views with green valleys and coffee plantations invite to spend a quiet and peaceful time with friends, partner or family. By staying in a typical coffee hacienda you can experience the traditional architecture. The farmhouses are unique and you can find many of them with an excellent quality standard.

The Colombian Coffee Zone is a great tourist destination

Unesco declared the coffee zone which is part of the regions of Quindio, Risaralda, Caldas and Valle Cauca as World Heritage. Visiting the Coffee Triangle is an unforgettable experience. Besides relaxing and enjoying the scenery there is much more to do in the coffee zone. Not only can you see how the coffee is produced, you can also visit some of the theme parks, participate in adventure sports, play golf, see exotic wildlife, or do a tour through the cities.

Nowadays the region is one of the most visited among tourists, especially those who appreciate ecotourism and agro-tourism. The inhabitants of the region are known as very friendly and happy always trying to show the tourists the most beautiful places of the region. The black coffee in Colombia is called “tinto” and the Colombian’s enjoy having a cup of coffee with friends and family.

Typical Finca of the Coffee Zone

In Quindío you can visit the Parque Nacional de Café, a National Park for Coffee. It is one of Colombia’s main tourist attractions. The Coffee Zone is not only the right destination for visitors who are coffee enthusiasts.

There are many more things to see and do. In Quindío you can also visit the Territorio Aventura which offers a wide choice of sports such as kayaking, rafting, paragliding, high-roping, horseback riding and more.

Other popular attractions in the Coffee Triangle are The Butterfly Garden, Los Nevados National Park and the cities of the region. The Butterfly Garden has 1,500 butterfly species and is definitely worth a visit.


Los Nevados National Park, Colombia

A completely different scenery offers the Los Nevados Natural Park with its snow-capped peaks and altitudes up to 5,000 meters. Also this terrain is excellent for outdoor sports such as rock-climbing, paragliding and mountain biking. Risaralda is a great place for relaxation and enjoying the nature. There you can also find San Vicente Hot Springs (Santa Rosa de Cebal) which is perfect for spa, horse trails, and observing stars at night.

The three cities of the Coffee Zone are called Manizales, Pereira and Armenia. Manizales is situated nearby the volcano Nevaso del Ruiz which is more than 5,320 meters high. Every year the city organises a fair (Manizales Fair) with parades, presentations, concerts and many other cultural shows. It is the second biggest event in Colombia after the Carnival in Barranquilla. Other events in Manizales are the International Festival of Theater of Manizales and the Manizales Jazz Festival. The city has many different museums and natural attractions in the near surroundings. With its 6 universities and colleges, there are many students in the city.

Pereira is Colombia’s 6th largest city and known for the Matecaña City Zoo, Santa Isabel and Lake Otún. Those who enjoy interacting with animals should visit the Noah’s Farm, an eco-park in Pereira. There is also a swimming pool and a spa as well as sports venues. In the city is the Cathedral of Our Lady of Poverty, a religious and cultural heritage. Another sight is the César Gaviaria Trujillo Viaduct bridge which is one of the longest cable-stayed bridges. It allows a road connection between Pereira and Manizales. Pereira has also a number of museums including the Museum of Art and the Jaime Mejia Archeological Museum. The city is also known for its good bars and nightclubs. From Pereira it is not far to the Los Nevados Natural Park.

Photo by Parque Panaca, Colombia

Armenia is situated in the middle between Bogotá, Medellin and Cali and known for its great food, guada crafts and furniture made of bamboo cane. The city has many attractions such as the Panaca theme Park where tourists can get in touch with agricultural products and animals.

Due to the warmer climate in the South of Armenia, you can find many eco-hotels, theme parks and other tourist attractions. The city hosts festivals such as the Chapoleras Beauty Pageant and a large orchid show in autumn. Like Pereira, Armenia is also a gateway to Los Nevados Natural Park.

The Coffee Triangle is one of the most unique and varied tourism destinations in Colombia. No matter if you want to relax, enjoy the greatest coffee, do extreme-sports, sightseeing or wildlife viewing, the Coffee Triangle is the right place for everyone.

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