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Leticia, Colombia

Leticia is a city located in a rather unusual area. Surrounded by dense rain forest of the Amazon Region it is one of the most interesting spots for nature based tourism. The city borders with Brazil and Peru and has a port just on the Amazon River which is an important point for trading tropical fish. Leticia can be reached by plane from Bogotá and therefore is one of the best places to get access to the Amazon.

Most people who live in Leticia are originally from Bogotá, Medellin, Tolima and a few from Cali. A large proportion of the inhabitants are native Amerindians (indigenous people). The main industries of the region are agriculture and tourism. There are rarely any other industries in Leticia. The cuisine has been influenced by many different regions of Colombia and even by the Brazilian and Peruvian food.

Monkeys in the Amazon, Leticia, Colombia

Leticia itself has a couple of tourist attractions including the Theme Park ‘Mundo Amazonico‘. However, the main attraction of Leticia is the nature that surrounds the city. To the North is the Amacayacu National Park as well as the island Los Micos. These stunning places are a paradise for people interested in wildlife and nature. On the 450 hectares large island of Los Mikos you can get in contact with monkeys and observe some of the most beautiful birds. If you are lucky you can see one of the most unique animals of the region: A pink dolphin. These animals live in the Amazon River the best way to find them is to do one of the jungle tours offered in Leticia.

If you are looking for some adventure you should visit the Tanimboca Natural Reserve where you can climb more than 30 meters up to the tree canopy. Another interesting spot is the Marasha Reserve where you can participate in kayaking, fishing and jungle tours. The guided jungle tour is a great opportunity to see some o the wild animals such as caymans, tapirs, anacondas, monkeys and birds.

Apart from all the wild nature and adventure Leticia is great for spending some time in the cafes and restaurants where you can try the local food. After an exciting day there is nothing better than relaxing in a hammock and listening to the sounds of the jungle.

Leticia can be visited all year round. The temperature of Leticia is rarely lower than 22 °C or higher than 31°C during the whole year. However, a significant difference between the seasons is the amount of rain. Some of the driest months are June, July and August while it is very rainy between November and April.

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