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Painting from the Antioquia Region, Colombia

Medellin is Colombia’s second largest city and situated in the northern Andes. The city is also the capital of the department Antioquia and known as “city of Eternal Spring” because of its constant temperatures around 22 °C (72°F) all year round. Medellin is a popular destination for business tourism, conferences and medical tourism. However, it is also interesting for leisure tourists who enjoy nightlife, culture and trips to the natural attractions near Medellin such as the Arví Ecotourism Park. You can find plenty of hotels within the city and some traditional fincas around the city if you prefer to stay in the countryside.

Palaza Botero in Medellin, Colombia

In Medellin you can discover the Paisa culture by visiting some of the great museums in the city. The museums include the Museo de Antioquia, the Fundación Casa Museo Pedro Nel Gómez aMuseo de Arte Moderno de Medellín and the Museo El Castillo. One of Medellin’s highlights is the Prado Centro neighborhood with stunning buildings from the 1930’s. Besides all the museums, Medellin has many churches in Colonial, Baroque and Romanesque styles.

A visit of Medellin wouldn’t be complete without tasting the Antioquian cuisine in one of the many excellent restaurants. Many restaurants are situated in the downtown area of Medellin, in the Zona Rosa and the Lleras Park where you can also find many dishes from other countries.

For those who enjoy shopping, Medellin is the perfect Colombian City fir this activity. There are more than 25 shopping malls which also offer recreational activities as well as restaurants, bars and cinemas. Because Medellin is known for its textile industry you can be sure to find the latest fashion in the city. Most shopping malls can be found downtown or in El Poblada and Pasaje Peatonal Carabobo. Medellin has also a handicraft market called “San Alejo” and other markets where the latest fashion of Colombian designers is presented.

Medellin is known for its excellent nightlife and has many bars and clubs. The Parque Lleras, for example, is a popular place where many locals gather together and visit some of the restaurants, bars and clubs. Popular clubs in the Parque Lleras are Blue and Folia. One of the upscale clubs in Medellin is Mangos where the entry costs about 20,000 pesos. The club claims to be the largest in whole Latin America.

Eco-Park near Medellin, Colombia

Not only Medellin itself is worth a visit. Around the city are many interesting things to see and to do. One of the highlights is the Arví Ecotourism Park which includes the towns Copacabana, Envigado, Bello and the village of Santa Elena. From the park you can enjoy incredible views on Medellin. The park is great for the whole family and offers many outdoor activities such as, camping, fishing, swimming, cycling, kayaking and trekking. The surrounding areas of Medellin are perfect for sports, relaxation, leisure and ecotourism. Many natural places are interesting spots for bird watching.

The people of Medellin are known as Antioquenos or Paisas which means something like “fellow countryman”. Paisas are known as very welcoming, hard-working people who love soccer, music, bullfights and parties. Throughout the whole year there are different festivals in Medellin. One of the most important ones is the Flower Festival which starts at the end of July till the beginning of August. Other festivals are the Jazz Festival, Tango Festival, Humor Festival, Feria internacional del Caballo, Bullfighting Festival de La Macarena, Parade of the Myths and Legends and the Poetry Festival. Furthermore, the city hosts many expositions and business events.

Sightseeing in Medellin

One of the most mass transit systems with great views from the hill to the city of Medellin. Ideal option to get to the Arvi Parque which is a great place for a day out with the whole family.
Medellin Metrocable
One of the highlights of the Antioquia Museum is the large collection of Botero's paintings. The Museum is situated next to the Plaza de Botero and has its own restaurant, cafe and a gift shop.
Museo de Antioquia
Plaza Botero (also known as Plaza de las Esculturas) is one of the main attractions in Medellin. Here you can find some of Botero's 'fat-people' statues and the An...
Plaza Botero
El Pueblito Paisa (also known as Little City) is a colonial village with panoramic views to almost the whole city of Medellin. The village gives you an idea of the life in the region Antioquia and how...
Pueblito Paisa

Natural Attractions

Piedra de Penol is a fascinating place perfect for everyone who enjoys nature. By climbing the rock 'La Piedra' you will have a beautiful panorama of the Guatape landscape which looks a bit similar to...
Piedra de Penol