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Colombia's Nature

Titi Monkey in the Colombia Amazon

Colombia is one of the world’s mega diverse countries in terms of flora and fauna. It is the second most diverse country after Brazil. Colombia is the country with most bird species in the world and therefore very interesting for bird watching. You can find 20% of all birds of the world in this country.

Wax Palms in the Sierra Nevada, Colombia

Another reason why Colombia is an incredible place for nature tourism is that 11% of Colombia’s area is part of the 55 natural protected parks. Those parks are places of interest for scientific research but also interesting for tourists who want to experience Colombia’s beautiful wildlife. Situated in the 6 different natural regions of Colombia, the Parks have very different ecosystems.

Most plant and animal species can be found in the tropical Rainforests such as the Amazon and the Utria National Park on the Pacific Coast. However, the Andean Region and the Colombian Llanos are also home to many different species, including those you wouldn’t expect to see in a tropical country. The variety of animal species reaches from anacondas, tapirs and pumas to condors and deer. With all the untouched nature Colombia has, it is a true paradise for ecotourism and guided tours.

Probably one of the most exciting trips to Colombia’s nature can be done from Leticia, a city in the middle of the Amazon Rainforest. Getting to Leticia is possible by plane from Bogotá. Once in Leticia you can book a guided tour through the dense forest and enjoy the local flora and fauna. One highlight is Mico's island in the Amacayacu National Park where you can get in contact with hundreds of monkeys. Another highlight of the Amazon Region is the ‘Pink Amazon Dolphin’ which lives in the Amazon River.

Carpinchos and Crocodiles live in the Colombian Llanos Region

The’ Colombian Llanos’ is another wonderful natural region in Colombia. This flatland is home to a large variety of birds but also monkeys, snakes, turtles, capybaras, giant armadillos and many fish species. The Llanos Region covers about 28% of Colombia and many parts get flooded during the rainy season between May and October. A good base from where to start discovering this beautiful wetland area is from the city of Villavicencio.

Tucan in the Chocó Region, Colombia

One of the most undiscovered places in Colombia is the Chocó Region which mainly contains tropical rainforest. Situated next to the Pacific coast, this region is not only interesting for its untouched forest but also an interesting area to discover Colombia’s underwater world. The region is home to olive ridley sea turtles and you can observe whales in the sea.

If you feel like breathing fresh and cold air you can climb some of Colombia’s highest mountains with snow peaks. While climbing up you experience different climates reaching from hot tropical to cold alpine weather. The Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta is the highest seaside mountain of the world allowing you to start climbing from the Caribbean coast, along Indian civilizations till the top of the 5,800 meters high peak.


National Parks

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