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Amacayacu National Park

Parque Nacional Amacayacu


Tropical Rainforest, flooded forest, bogs, river systems


The Park has more than 468 Bird Species, 12 primate species, 150 species of mammals, and most reptile species in whole Colombia. Some of the highlights are alligators, anacondas, turtles, boas, and Monkeys, jaguars and river dolphins.


There are many tree species and water plants as most of the area gets flooded during the wet season. The flora of the National Park includes many protected species. Some local tour guides offer tree climbing.


Since 2007 the local community has been working on an ecotourism strategy with the goals to protect the local nature. The Park has a visitor center called 'Yewae' . The local community offers accommodation for ecotourists. Some of the activities possible in the park are fishing, bird watching, boat tours, dolphin tours, visiting the Amazon Islands and visiting indigenious communities.

Location: Amazonas
Size (in hectares): 293500
Founded: 1975
Altitude: 90 - 200m
Climate: Tropical, humid
Temperature: 27C
Parque Nacional Amacayacu