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Gorgona National Park

Parque Nacional Gorgona


Tropical ecosystems of coral reefs and rainforest


The fauna in the coral reef is very rich and includes 85 fish species, worms, crabs, plankton and starfish. Some of the highlights of the region are the humpback whales, sea turtles and seabirds which are present in this area for breeding or mating. The ranforest is home to many different insects, amphibians, reptiles and about 150 bird species. Some fo the species are endemic.


About 85 % of the National Park is covered in dense rainforest. Some of the highlights are the endemic avocado tree that can be found here and the Colombian pine that normally only grows at much higher altitudes. Altogether the park has around 720 plant species.


The Gorgona National Park is open to ecotourists and some paths with interpretation for visitors have been created and some restaurants and accommodations are available. Whale watching tours are offered during the season. Some of the most popular activities in the region are snorkeling, diving, hiking and observing the local wildlife and vegetation.

Location: Cauca
Size (in hectares): 61.687.5
Founded: 1984
Altitude: 0 -330m
Climate: Tropical, humid
Temperature: 27C
Parque Nacional Gorgona