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Tayrona National Park

Parque Nacional Tayrona


coastal marine ecosystems (beaches, corals, mangroves, seagrass), dry forests


More than 100 species live on the land of the National Park including deer, tigers and rare birds. The sea contains lots of fish species and some mammals such as dolphins.


The dry areas of the Park are dominated by cactus species while the humid areas have many large trees and tropical plants. The marine vegetation is the richest in the Colombian Caribbean coast.


The Tayrona National Park has a very good infrastructure for ecotourism including campsites, trails with interpretation and educational activities. Because of ist beautiful scenery, the Park is among the top ecotourism destinations in Colombia. Some of the activities are: birdwatching, snorkeling, hiking and more.

Location: Magdalena
Size (in hectares): 15000
Founded: 1969
Altitude: 0 -900m
Climate: Tropical - Subtropical
Temperature: 25 - 30C
Parque Nacional Tayrona