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Chingaza National Park

Parque Nacional Chingaza


Moor, many lakes and wetlands, Andean and Sub-Andean Jungle


Chingaza is home to the Andean Condor, jaguar, monkey, moor tapir, Deer, puma and spectacled bear. Furthermore, the Park is interesting for birdwatching as there are many species including hummingbirds, eagles and ducks. The Park also has many butterflies.


About 380 plant species have been registered but it is estimated that there could be more than 2000 species. One of the highlights the Park is to offer is the peat moss which even grows in the forests and is important for many animals.


The Chingaza National Park has many interesting features for ecotourists. Besides the beautiful flora and fauna, the scenery of the Park is an amazing experience. With all the mountains, valleys, waterfalls, lakes and jungle it is a natural wonder. You can reach the Park by car but also by public transport. By public transport you need to take the bus to the town of Guasca and continue walking about 1.5 hours till you reach the National Park. For those who like to stay in the Park overnight, there is a camping zone for up to 35 persons.

Location: Meta, Cundinamarca
Size (in hectares): 76600
Founded: 1977
Altitude: 800 - 4020m
Climate: Warm - Temperate - Cold
Temperature: 4 - 21.5C
Parque Nacional Chingaza